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US M4A1 (75) Sherman .STL Download
US M4A1 (75) Sherman .STL Download

US M4A1 (75) Sherman .STL Download

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This product is our popular M4A1 (75) Sherman and is an .STL Download.


  • M4A1 (75) Sherman base model with hull, left and right tracks, turret, main gun, hatches and machine gun
  • Modeled as 1/56 (28mm) scale

The .STL Files ARE NOT pre-supported!  The user is required to support the files for their 3D printing system.

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The physical version of this product is available HERE.

Final Note - We are new to selling .STL downloads.  We've been at this for about 10 years and have a large catalog, but we always used these files internally for model making.  If you see something weird or aren't sure what you are looking at, drop us a note at and we will help you out.  We can't wait to see what you do with these models.  Have Fun!