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Trenchworx designs and manufactures high quality scale models for business and hobbyists.

We design all of our Trenchworx models with accurate detail and ease of assembly in mind. We start all models with the intent to manufacture using our in-house 3D printing technology and eventually convert to resin kits.  Although we sell mostly 1/56 (28mm) models, we have scaled down to 1/600 and up to 1/6 scale (Yes, 1/6!) upon request.

Trenchworx also offers our prototyping and casting services directly through Trenchworx.  We’ve helped multiple kick starters and other businesses design and build their models and get their products to market.

The inspiration for our company began in July of 2013, when we wondered if we could create models for our favorite table top war games using the 3D printers.  Like most miniature manufacturers, it began with that simple statement of “wouldn’t it be cool to have…” We started with a T34/76 turret for one of Nate’s models. Next a Sherman 105 and Calliope turret was "needed." After a couple of weeks of modeling and printing various kits, Dave said “Nuts to turrets. Let’s build a tank!” A week later we had a brand new Jagdpanther (cause why start small!). 

Since the first tank rolled of the line, we have designed, printed and shipped hundreds of thousands of new models to customers around the world.