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Design, 3D Prototyping and Casting Services

Trenchworx is the perfect source for your 3D prints, resin masters and medium size runs up to 10,000 pieces in various mediums.  We reliably build more than 1/2 million components per year for our B2B customers.


Product Design and Business Consultation for Prototypes

  • Trenchworx provides consultation and design services for your scale models.  We optimize your prints, prototypes, master castings and production castings to maximize your cost efficiency.
  • We use several commercial 3-Dimensional CAD programs and your 3D Computer Models (raw .STL, .OBJ and .ZTL files) to create new cuts, sprues and 3D designs.
  • We use the new designs to print & master prototypes and production cast your production models.  
  • A typical model will follow these steps...
    1. Client submits a digital file for replication
    2. We part the model for optimal 3D print shapes
    3. We assemble the model into a sprue configuration appropriate for our production casting process.
    4. The client receives a First Article Sample for approval.
    5. Upon approval, we replicate the model via a resin casting process to the desired quantity.

    3D Printing Technologies

    • Envisiontec DLP (multiple printers and capabilities)
    • Stratasys Fortus 400mc FDM (ABS and Nylon up to 14"x16"X14")
    • Stratasys Objet 30 Prime Polyjet (8"X11"X6")

    Mold Making Technologies

    • Platinum and Tin Cured Silicone Molds
    • Vulcanized Low and High Temperature Molds
    • Multiple Durometers
    • Multiple Configurations
      • 2 Part Molds
      • Drop Cast Molds
      • Spin Cast Molds

    Casting Technologies

    • Urethane resin castings
    • Epoxy resin castings
    • Silicone components cast in hard molds
    • Pewter Spin castings

    Kitted Assemblies

    • Bulked
    • Polybagged Kits
    • Boxed Kits

    US Distribution and Shipping

    • Shipping of product within continental US
    • Rest Of World with specific arrangements

    CONTACT US at 801-987-3406 or to discuss your needs