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SpOrx Aussie Bundle! .STL Download
SpOrx Aussie Bundle! .STL Download

SpOrx Aussie Bundle! .STL Download

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The SpOrx Aussie Bundle! .STL Download is the digital version of our popular physical SpOrx models but with Australian Themed Components including Shirt, Cut Down Trousers and Slouch Hats. They are multi-part, hyper-posable and quick to assemble! All parts between SpOrx interchangeable with our FOrx series. The assembly of each figure features a ball-n-socket method that allows the modeler to achieve all sorts of poses and variations.  This modular set has over 10 MILLION combinations!  Pick and choose which bits you need and build your army to suit.

The SpOrx developed because we like orcs and we like sci-fi.  Wham, Bam, TY Ma'am we made some SpOrx.  But not just any SpOrx...  we wanted to be able to get all sorts of 'posability' out of our models so we made some detents and ball joints so you could get nearly 6 axis of rotations out of the models.

The SpOrx Battle Bundle contains:

  • 5 Aussie SpOrx Bodies
  • 5 Aussie SpOrx Legs
  • 5 Aussie SpOrx Heads with Slouch Hats
  • 20 Left and Right SpOrx Mashas Sets (Hand Weapons)
  • 10 Left and Right SpOrx Cappas Sets (Pistol Weapons)
  • 10 Left and Right SpOrx Bangas Sets (Rifle Weapons)
  • 1 Big Cappa, Left and Right Options
  • 1 Rokka, Left and Right Options
  • 12 Left and Right Hand Signals
  • 15 Bits and Bobs
  • 32mm Round Trenchworx Base
  • 25mm 'Propa' Square Trenchworx Base
  • Modeled as 1/56 (28mm) scale

The .STL Files ARE NOT pre-supported!  The user is required to support and troubleshoot the files for their 3D printing system.

Digital products do not count toward FREE Shipping or FREE Miniature of the Month promotions.

User Agreement may be found HERE.

This product does not print assembled or in color!

Final Note - We are new to selling .STL downloads.  We've been at this for about 10 years and have a large catalog, but we always used these files internally for model making.  If you see something weird or aren't sure what you are looking at, drop us a note at and we will help you out.  We can't wait to see what you do with these models.  Have Fun!