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Gas Mask Girl
Gas Mask Girl
Gas Mask Girl
Gas Mask Girl

Gas Mask Girl

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The proud mascot of World’s End Publishing, Gas Mask Girl is a born survivor. This fun model who can be used to represent any number of characters and roles found in the This Is Not a Test rules.

Gas Mask Girl comes equipped with her trusty machete, a golf bag full of other useful weapons and she can be equipped with either an assault rifle or pistol. She’s a tall lass at 33mm to the eyes. Sculpted by Brother Vinni.

Package Contents (1 metal miniature)

  • 1x gasmask girl with body
  • 1x golf bag backpack
  • 1x left arm with machete
  • 1x right arm with assault rifle
  • 1x right arm with pistol
  • 1x 25mm slotted plastic round base

The 28mm Gas Mask Girl miniature is ideal for playing This Is Not a Test and other post-apocalyptic, science fiction, or modern wargames. Copyright 2015 World’s End Publishing.

Metal Miniature Ingredients 98% Tin Pewter Alloy: Tin (98%), Bismuth, Silver and Copper - Lead, Cadmium & Antimony FREE