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Mutant Cannibal Warband
Mutant Cannibal Warband

Mutant Cannibal Warband

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The degenerate mutant cannibal clans are a continual threat in the Tri-State Wasteland.  Each clan is led by the strongest of their kind and the birth order of each member determines their place in the family hierarchy.

Pa is the family patriarch and clan leader, while Petunia, the oldest and loveliest daughter holds a place of honor.  It is she, the most comely of the cannibals, who lures outsiders to their doom. Below them are the youngins, the various brothers, sisters, and cousins who make up the bulk of the family's forces, and the degenerates, weaker mutants with crippling deformities who are at the bottom of the family pecking order. Lastly there is the psycho.  A depraved torturer who cares little for the family infighting, and is only interested in acquiring more pretty playthings to terrorize. 

This set represents a full mutant cannibal warband of eight models ready to head out into the wastes for food and family glory.  Note these are metal models and will need assembly. Some modeling experiences is recommended.  Each mutant cannibal is between 25-28mm to the eyes, though Pa is a big boy at 35mm. Sculpted by Sean Bullough and Patrick Keith.

Package Contents (8 metal miniatures)

  • 1x Pa miniature
  • 1x Pa hand with cleaver
  • 1x female youngin with shotgun
  • 1x male youngin with rifle
  • 1x male youngin with shotgun
  • 1x male degenerate body
  • 1x degenerate arm with bare-hand
  • 1x degenerate arm with knife
  • 1x degenerate head with scarf
  • 1x male degenerate body
  • 1x degenerate hand with fork
  • 1x degenerate hand with knife
  • 1x Petunia
  • 1x Petuna's submachinegun
  • 1x Psycho body
  • 1x Psycho trophy rack
  • 1x Psycho arms with weedwhacker of doom
  • 1x weedwhacker of doom blade
  • 8 Bases

The 28mm Mutant Cannibal Warband are ideal miniatures for playing This Is Not a Test and other post-apocalyptic, science fiction, or fantasy wargames. Copyright 2018 World’s End Publishing.